The Gideons International - The Goodwill Partnership
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The Gideons International


Each year Gideon Members, Friends and supporters further their witness by making the decision to leave a gift to the Association

Torchbearers is the name of our legacy programme. Each year Gideon Members, Friends and supporters further their witness by making the decision to leave a gift to the Association. Torchbearers are people who ensure that even after they have been called home to be with the Lord, what God had provided to them in their lifetime can still be used to carry out His will in reaching others for Christ. The name Torchbearers was chosen because, just like Gideon’s 300 men (Judges 7:7) they will be greatly used by God but not singled out for public acclamation.


Leaving a legacy to any charity is a very special way to make a lasting impact, far into the future. However, for Torchbearers, we can talk about an impact that is eternal.


Legacies come in all shapes and sizes and are generously pledged to UK charities, by people from all walks of life. They account for nearly £2 billion worth of income each year. Without them, charities and ministries could not achieve anything like the impact they do currently. Our Association is no different in this regard.


A little over 20% of our funding comes from legacies each year.


So you could say that one in five scripture placements are funded because someone like you choose to leave a gift to the Association in their Will.
Through the generosity of our Members and Friends, by God’s grace, each year we typically:


Distribute over 800,000 copies of scripture
– Including nearly 500,000 NT & Psalms to secondary school children
– and 60,000 full Bibles into hotel rooms
– and 90,000 Personal Worker Testaments for face to face witness

Recruit over 300 new members

Raise around £3.2m to fund work in the British Isles and contribute to work oversees in countries that are not able to raise sufficient funds themselves


Since the ministry began in this country in 1949, we have distributed over 40 million copies of God’s Word. What a wonderful legacy!

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