Air Ambulances deserve our support – they’ve got it too!

We’re delighted to have partnered this week with London’s Air Ambulance. Our Co-Founder Mark Jackson sums it up best by stating in our press release: “London’s Air Ambulance provides a vital service to Londoners. Not only does it offer best-in-class pre-hospital medical care for trauma patients, it also gives the capital’s inhabitants reassurance that if they do suffer a traumatic accident, they will be attended to by one of the world’s leading air ambulance services.”

It follows a similar partnership we struck with Thames Valley Air Ambulance earlier this summer whereby, once again, we are offering Will writing services to its supporters.

What many people don’t realise is that, just like the RNLI and many other lifesaving emergency services, the UK’s air ambulance services are funded entirely by charitable donations. Indeed, whilst they are first class medical emergency services in their own right, they are also charities.

Moreover, their need for funds is significant. Thames Valley Air Ambulance, as just one example, has already flown over 16,000 missions with each mission costing on average £2,500. That’s £40 million in funds (to date) needed to provide air ambulance cover for Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire alone.

London’s Air Ambulance is even busier and treats approximately five critically injured people every day – you can imagine the cost of keeping such a service running.

For these reasons we are immensely proud to be providing Will writing services for these two charities. By offering Will writing services to their supporters we are not only giving a valuable service but also helping them raise much needed legacy funds. As Mark Davies, Director of Development at London’s Air Ambulance, says: “We are incredibly grateful to people who choose to support us by leaving a gift in their Will, they will be helping to save lives and ensure we are here for the people of London in the years to come.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

If you’d like to know more about our Will writing services for charities, companies or individuals, please call Mark Jackson on 01296 680463 or email He’d be delighted to tell you more.