Want to swap? how MediaSwap can assist charities

Last month we wrote about our free charity brand partnership audits where we advise charities on the brand partnership opportunities that exist within their portfolios. As we remarked at the time, you’d be surprised how many of these opportunities exist and the revenue they can generate, all for little effort on the charity’s part.

The concept works like this: Following an initial free consultation, we recommend what areas of a charity’s portfolio have the potential to promote relevant third party offers (e.g. member mailings, magazine inserts, event tickets etc). Once these channels have been approved, third party offers are carefully evaluated as potential new revenue streams and presented to the charity concerned.

As a related offering, we are now proud to announce the launch of MediaSwap. Developed by our sister company, HJ Marketing (one of the UK’s leading brand partnership specialists), MediaSwap is the UK’s only hub where brands and charities can swap media opportunities on a like-for-like basis.

It allows charities to be able to source data and media exchange deals without the need for employing third parties. It also expands the number of fundraising channels available, many of which are not advertised publicly. Better still, because these channels are rarely used, they often perform better.

All swap deals are researched, created and managed by HJ Marketing with a swap arrangement fee starting as low as £250. Any marketing channel can be swapped – although ‘like for like’ swaps between charities are expected to be the most popular arrangement. And the media savings? Up to 80%.

Here are some of the channels that can be swapped:

  • Inserts/flyers
  • Email data
  • Website display banners
  • Off the page
  • Banners on order confirmation pages & emails
  • Direct mail data
  • SMS data
  • Social media promotions


If you’d like further details about how MediaSwap can give your charity access to more fundraising media channels – at a cost far below market rate – please call Ian Jackson on 01296 680463 or email ian@hjmarketing.co.uk. He’d be delighted to tell you more.