Natural History Museum - The Goodwill Partnership
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Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Help us protect our natural world for future generations

Did you know that over 300 scientists work at the Natural History Museum? Their cutting-edge research informs global debate on today’s most pressing issues.
Without the kindness of people like you, however, much of what we do would not be possible.


Legacy gifts of all sizes make a huge difference. A legacy of £1,000 helped us to buy 229,000 hawk moths. Museum scientists were able to use this collection to map the parts of the planet that are warming up or cooling down and uncovered a way to reduce crop-spraying.


The scientists used the hawk moths – whose distribution reflects climate change – to advance DNA-barcoding technology. Now, instead of spraying pesticide because a caterpillar may turn out to be a pest, we can instantly identify interlopers using just a couple of cells.


Patricia, who recently chose to remember the Museum in her Will has shared why:
“The Museum is an iceberg – most of the important work it carries out seems invisible. It’s a place of wonder and fun, and it’s also a place of knowledge – and a vibrant part of my life. I feel I owe it to people like Darwin, who devoted time, money and expertise building the collections, to preserve them for our children.”


Thanks to legacies and philanthropic support, the Museum is able to conduct pioneering research, preserve and display its 80 million specimens and run its many daily events, education and outreach activities – inspiring future generations to protect the natural world.


Be part of the mission. Remember the Museum in your Will.

Thank you.




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