Redwings - The Goodwill Partnership
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Providing a home for life for neglected and abused horses, ponies and donkeys in the UK

Redwings is the UK’s largest horse sanctuary, caring for more than 1,300 horses, ponies and donkeys who have been rescued from abuse, abandonment or neglect. Redwings works to rescue, rehabilitate and provide sanctuary care to horses whose future would otherwise be bleak, finding them loving Guardian homes as riding horses or companions wherever possible. However, for many of the horses who arrive at the sanctuary, their traumatic pasts or physical or psychological problems mean that they will never leave. Redwings offers these horses and donkeys a home for life with specialist care, our own Horse Hospital and team of vets, a natural herd environment in acres of paddocks, and help on hand 24 hours a day.


We receive no government funding so rely solely on the generosity of the public which means that legacies are vital for us to continue our work. They enable us to buy land, build stables and field shelters, replace veterinary equipment and save for a rainy day.


A gift in your Will is simply the most generous gift you can give to horses in need and a wonderful way to help care for hundreds of horses beyond your own lifetime.


Horses like Boo

Boo, pictured right, arrived at Redwings having suffered a terrible and traumatic experience. Already blind in one eye due to cancer, Boo had been shot in his good eye with an air rifle, leaving him completely blind. Despite his extreme disability, Boo is a gentle giant with a calm nature and zest for life, which has enabled him to adjust to life without sight. Boo now relies on the safety and security that Redwings can give him. He has his own field where his water and food is always in the same place, loving carers to groom and reassure him, vets on hand to treat him in the specially equipped Horse Hospital and a new best friend, Oliver, who acts as his seeing-eye companion. Legacy gifts helped us purchase the X-ray equipment needed to X-ray Boo’s damaged eyes, and to build the field shelter in his paddock. With your help, we can continue to give horses like Boo all the things they need to enjoy the peaceful life they so deserve.

Many Thanks
Lynn Cuttress
Chief Executive




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