About The Goodwill Partnership

The Goodwill Partnership is the largest distributor of home-visit solicitor-provided Wills in England and Wales. We guarantee the lowest price for a home-visit Will which is checked and provided direct to you by a panel firm of solicitors who can also provide legal advice and storage of your signed Will.


The process of making your Will is made extremely simple. There are no visits to the solicitor; our trained counsellor comes to your home to take your Will instructions at a time convenient to you, whether daytime, evenings or weekends.


We charge a low fixed price, however detailed your Will, wherever you live, with no hidden costs or upsell of any other products. Our home-visit service is free of charge and we also provide a small discount on a second Will for your spouse or partner.


Welcare Guardian, the administration company behind The Goodwill Partnership, has been proud to offer an outstanding ethical service, providing great savings to clients, since 1993.


Why do I need a Will?

Writing a Will is the only way you can guarantee how your assets are shared amongst your family and friends. It also lets you decide who should look after any dependants that you leave behind.


If you don’t have a valid Will, the courts may take these decisions for you. People often assume that their spouse or partner will be the main beneficiary of their estate but the court may decide otherwise. As well as making sure your loved ones are cared for, a professionally written Will can save the beneficiaries of your estate paying unnecessary tax through careful inheritance tax planning.


In addition to this, The Goodwill Partnership also gives you the opportunity to leave a gift in your Will to a charity, however there is no obligation for you to do so.