Wood Green Animal Shelter - The Goodwill Partnership
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Wood Green

Our vision is of a world where all pets are well cared for in loving homes for life.

Wood Green

Dedicated to finding loving homes for homeless pets in need and improving pet welfare in the UK and beyond.

For over 90 years, the generosity, kindness and forethought of caring individuals have allowed Wood Green, The Animals Charity to keep our doors open to homeless pets seven days a week, 365 days a year. Every year over 5,000 animals need our help. Some are found hungry, abandoned and homeless, some have been mistreated, starved and abused; others are given to us when they can no longer be looked after.


As one of the UK’s leading animal welfare organisations, we’re constantly researching new ways to improve the emotional and physical well-being of the animals in our care. Our dedicated and compassionate animal welfare teams work tirelessly to do what is right for each and every animal, providing a lifeline for vulnerable and sometimes fearful and neglected pets. In addition to caring for and rehoming thousands of dogs, cats, rabbits, hens, guinea pigs and other small and field animals, we’re also committed to increasing awareness on many welfare issues, from campaigns that educate owners on the benefits of neutering and keeping pets safe, to highlighting the nationwide problem of homeless and unwanted pets.


We receive no Government or lottery funding, so truly value gifts received from generous individuals. A gift in your Will, however small or large, can help ensure we can continue to provide the best high quality care for all the homeless pets in our four Centres. Gifts in Wills also allow us to provide emergency lifesaving treatment and provide food, bedding, routine veterinary care and plenty TLC for the variety of animals we care for on a daily basis; as we did for our dear friend Gracie.


A gift in your will could help a homeless pet like Gracie

Gracie (pictured to the right), a young Lurcher was just skin and bone when she was found half-starved and shivering on a rain-lashed street. Her ribs were very visible and prominent as she had lost about a third of her body weight. Thankfully, someone took pity on Gracie and brought her to our Cambridgeshire Centre where the severity of her condition could be assessed.


She was severely emaciated – one of the worst cases of malnourishment our vets had ever seen. We welcomed Gracie with a small bowl of food which she hungrily licked clean. She weighed just 14kg, about a third below her ideal weight of 20kg. Gracie must have suffered weeks of little or no food to become so malnourished. Thankfully, with lots of patience and time, we soon set Gracie on her road to recovery. We gave her a cosy kennel to rest in, a coat to keep her frail body warm and, most importantly of all, we put Gracie on a special diet where she steadily gained weight before finally being rehomed to a wonderful and loving new home.


Gracie’s happy ever after story was only made possible thanks to the dedicated care from the Wood Green team and also most importantly, the generosity of the supporters who are the life blood to the charity. If you love animals, and would like to support homeless pets, please consider including Wood Green, The Animals Charity in your Will. It costs you nothing in your lifetime and it’s such a wonderful way to support all the homeless pets that need our help and give them the new start in life they deserve.

Many Thanks
Clive Byles
Chief Executive




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